Singer - Pianist - Conducter

Philip Jacobsen

Opera is one of the worlds most

fantastic art forms

More than 400 years since opera as we know it today showed itself for the first time - Italy 1607: Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi. As it began as Court entertainment not that many years went by before it gradually opened up for a broader audience - the public. From beeing an art form only performed by men and specially castratos it also gradually opened up for women singers as we know today. The history and development of opera fascinates me as well as the subjects and themes in the opera pieces themselves: Young lovers, political power and corruption, family heritage and pride, just to mention a few. All put into wonderful music for orchestra, singers and stage performance, to enable to express the multiple feelings that lies underneath peoples motives and actions - it is needless to say that opera contains so many levels of understanding.  

The piano is an iconic classical instrument

Lots of famous works have been composed the piano through music history: Sonata Pathetique by Beethoven, La campanella by Lizst, Clair de lune by Debussy, Piano Concert no. 1 by Tchaikovsky and many more. Throughout music history the piano has had a significant role to inspire, captivate and challenge artists and listeners. The sensation of making a piano capable of a very precise response to the pianists touch makes it an instrument that follows you through life.


Lyric tenor with a beautiful and powerful voice for Puccini, Verdi, Bizet and others


Classical pianist - Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin

Choir Conducter

Experienced classical mixed choir conducter

Mostly Danish and German repertoire

Music that comes from the need to express

Music is a great gift to the world - it reaches beyond borders geographic as well as mentally. Music makes people come together. Music makes us feel things we maybe did not know was possible.

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